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John Arch

Ok people, here is my suggestion and you will either love it or hate it! Lets leave baseball on the diamond. We can build a new stadium while watching the game at the old stadium. How you ask? By building the new stadium on the opposite side to the current one (in other words, where the parking currently is). Once complete, we tear down the old stadium and place parking in that location. The field of course will need to be reconfigured, but they can do that during the winter months. Your site line will now change as you will look more towards the west. Yes you will have more evening sun on you which will generate heat which will make you drink more. Its a win win situation for all.
What are your thoughts on this idea?

Glen Allen

Thomas - Many people (like me) do not fear the Bottom. In my case, I believe the Bottom is an "adult" entertainment area, and I would not want to introduce children to that environment after a game, but that is only my number 3 reason for keeping baseball on the Boulevard. Number 2 is because it is much easier to navigate the area, and parking is specific to those going to the games. Number 1, is however my largest concern - This is not an emergency project and the entire development process should have been put out for public bid. I find all of the backroom deals to represent everything the Virginia Public Procurement Act was intended to prevent.

If 1-3 is not enough, I also think the region should hold out for something better in the Bottom, something that can tell the story and possibly attract outsiders to come and check out all that Richmond has to offer.


Don't like the Government down and dirty, closed door, Government Deals for Donors & Friends. It is incompetent, that after a decade of scheming, that a legitimate, documented, substantiated Professional Proposal can't be "developed". But, hey, trust them to underhandedly "develop" their Positively(?) Richmond,
their way; without public say, Our Taxes, with no rules, regulations or open bids. What's wrong with doing things the "right way", in an Open Government Environment?
Seems more what a "Positively" Richmond should be.


I surely hope the Squirrels don't leave Richmond! They're awesome! Nothing like a good baseball game on a summer night. Nutzy's the best mascot since the Phanatic. Why can't the mayor just get a grip and build them a good stadium (or fix up the current one) right there on the Boulevard? It's an ideal location with good parking and very little traffic with which to contend. The Slip floods, has awful traffic and very little parking, and simply isn't convenient for the bulk of folks who attend the games. Keep the park near 95 and whatever it takes, keep the Squirrels in Richmond!!!

Thomas Faragher

I lived in the bottom for 12 years and I watched all of the new apartments and young people moving in. Young people with disposable income who would love a stadium and all of the other development such as condo's and cafe's that surely would follow. I was never the victim of crime because I was not out at 2am when the bars closed. Most of the people I know who are against the stadium do not even realize how many people live there now and they have not been there for years. In the 12 years I lived there I never saw any galvanized movement to turn what are now parking lots and dilapidated buildings into an entity to honor the memory of those who were sold as slaves. Only after some one tries to do something dynamic and constructive do we hear this indignation. This city will continue to be a balkanized backwater still locked in white flight and lost causes unless we learn to move on and embrace the future rather than the disgraces of the past. This city used to be the same size as Charlotte and Atlanta. Stop living in the past people. If you want to honor the past how about building a city for the living and not the departed.

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