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It's interesting how the people who are saying that no one should be afraid and if you are legally in the United States and are here under the right terms you have nothing to worry about. That is like a person who has never broken a leg giving advice on recovery to a person that has broken a leg. White people can be either extremely dumb (I would like to think this isn't the reason) or really naive and oblivious. Someone that has never experienced racism or discrimination has no right to tell minorities that.

First, when I have seen racism or experienced racism, I have NEVER seen someone ask you for ur immigration status or citizenship status beforehand. Secondly, I'm not sure what earth these 2 white women interviewed here live on but violence that stemmed from racism existed before trump and has become a bigger issue after his election. So while people are getting verbally, physically and emotionally abused, you are asking what we think the big deal is? What if white people were the minority and black or Latino men were majority and they said they hated white women and started being physically violent to white women, would u "not be making it a big deal" or afraid to leave your house because of fear of being robbed or raped (such as white people say mostly black and Latino people do).

Don't ever ask us to stop making issues that mean the world to us a big deal. Don't ever tell us not to worry or be fearful when you have never walked a day in our lives and never had the same worry you are telling us not to have. Don't ever give advice or opinions on issues you don't hold close to you or know anything about. White people sometimes try to come off as knowing the world and understanding the issues and having all the answers. You have no idea. Go read a book and know your facts before you open your mouth and stop adding truth to the stereotype that white women or blondes are dumb airheads.

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