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Russell Davis

The fix is in - the law as it is will be equivocated out of functional existence by its offices of trust.
All the officers of the court and the media beat the same lying drum , "McDonnell is innocent of Bribery"

1) The court does not have God's authority to judge someone 'Innocent' - The court can judge someone 'Not guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt.

2a) McDonnell appealed against a convict for "BRIBERY" that he was NEVER convicted off.

2b) McDonnell was convict upon his own admissions of federal RICO Extortion of PERSONALLY receiving money and valuable things the were received by virtue of his office.

2c)The crime would have been avoid by receiving the 'gifts' in the name of his office and thanking the giver on official stationary (acting as a receipt).

2d)The federal crime of that is much the same a VA18.2-111 RICO "Embezzlement" of converting property that rightly belongs to the office into personal property.

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