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It is obvious from your columns you are a McDonnell hack. For such a religious fellow its seems he should have been well aware that people are not giving things for nothing. He has shown his character when he let them go ahead with the Adam and Eve defense strategy. How did it work out for them? Same old story maybe he should have read his bible closer and learned the lesson from this story.


Appears the "Real Corruption" is the Democratic Federal Government's Waste, Fraud, and Abuse of Public Tax Dollars to put out a Political Kill Notice for a strong, political opponent.
Will the Highest Echelons of Democratic Federal Government Publically itemize their lists of expenditures for Public Disclosure? Will they disclose their use and abuse of office, power and authority to ACCESS Public Taxes, solely for their Party's political gains, advantages, benefits?


Won't see year's long Democratic Media Operatives' "Investigating" Democrats "Corruption" and
"Injustice". No, quite the contrary. They cover it All Up.


So a crime is acceptable if the amount of the bribe is small. I get it 3800 is too small to worry over. Tell that to the officer next time you are pulled over for speeding.


While I never try to wish anyone back luck or try to hold hate against someone else I do believe that individuals should be held accountable for their actions. McDonnell can not say he had nothing to do with the shopping trip, Rolex watch and other items. I can't imagine flying from Virginia to New York and my husband not knowing. If McDonnell gets a very relaxed sentence that will speak very loudly that the rich or higher level individuals can do anything and get away with it. If something similar happened to someone else who is not politically linked the sentence would have already been made and it wouldn't matter how many people wrote letters.....is this really the point we want to send?

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