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Think it was the most pitiful, weakest defense, if that is what it could be called, "defense" and even wonder if The
Defense got a Fed "Deal" too. How and why this could, should, or would-be Federal farce was "allowed" by a Federal, Democratic, 'no-nonsense' Judge, is beyond jurisprudence. It was a staged, production number of gossip, hot topics, and smut tactics. It was supposed to be a somber, sober, official, Court of Law, under law.
It was allowed to be a Street Festival, with Refreshment
Stands outside court and Media Hate Mongers at the mikes
and typewriter stroking, feeding, and fertilizing their
Party Slop; which they ate up and relished. They want to
drink Blood and won't be satiated until they do.
Despicable is "The Impeccable Democratic Fed's" forms of "INJustice", seen Nationwide and throughout the entire
tenure of The Most Intelligent "Legal Eagle" and his Holder
of Contempt, the "DoInjustice". Repulsed by the Fed's
Moral Turpitude (legal term). They USED a low-life, common
criminal, in their Deal of a Lifetime, to KILL a political opponent. Such ethics, decorum, dignity, deportment, and character, and IS true to form of the Most illegal, lawless,
unconstitutional, and belligerently contemptuous Administration. Slum Dog Millionaires of Self Anointed Omnipotence in Proving Their True Colors and Merit.

Glen Allen

While I agree that it does not appear Jonnie got much out of the deal in exchange for the money and gifts, I do find it impossible to believe that the former Governor did NOT know Jonnie was giving it in return for political favors. I shudder to think that our State government and economy could have been run by an individual that stupid (not naive, but stupid).

Then there is the question as to why would the former Governor throw his wife under the bus like that if he knew the Government could not find any wrongdoing. Okay, so it is not illegal to throw your wife under the bus, it is not illegal to subject your five (5) children to public humility, but it is illegal to accept gift and money from someone you know is giving them to you to use your power to get something else, and that’s what I believe happened. I do not know how the instructions read that the Judge has for the jury, and only the jury can decide if McDonnell is innocent or guilty, but I can say that the message to politicians is clear. We the people have the desire and the technology to find you guilty when you attempt to rip us off. Beware Mayor Dwight Jones, because you do not have a fraction of the “smarts” McDonnell has, and you have no wife to throw under the bus.


As a woman, see this woman as increasingly more difficult
with everyone around her, but especially her husband. Seems she might have thrown her marriage out of the way for the attention and presents of a charming con artist.
Then she involved her children. Then and got them presents too, from someone presenting himself as a friend. Think her scheming threw her husband under the bus and set him up.

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