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Totally Agree! The man on the street, with no legal expertise, could ask, demand, refute, argue, and impugn
these "Star Witnesses". Wondering if the Fed Forces also
Bribed the Defense? Defense, from day one, "Surrendered",
with not enough energy to wave their White Flag.
This is clearly, transparently, blatantly and brazenly
another Democratic Hollywood Screenplay, Staged Production Number... plainly preset, covert, orchestrated, contorted by Bribes. Prep work for production, set up and staged, with year long Media Character Assassination. Then, enter stage LEFT, "THE KILL", performed by The Federal Combined
Forces in their Take Down of a Strong Political Opponent...by any means, hook or crook, their own "Corruption" and strategic tactics, maneuvers, ploys, set up, and Bribes. The Impeccable Federal Corruption!!!

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