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There IS every reason to Doubt Williams, the Fed's "Star" and then some. Start with Fed's deliberate set up, their own covert, corrupt, collusion on the Fed's part with a known, common, Scammer, given provocation to lie, without any penalty, but under threat and duress from the Feds IF he didn't perform according to their script.
The Fed's Hollywood Screenplay, performed by all their actors: Fed Court, Fed FBI/DoInjustice, Fed Prosecutors and
the "no-nonsense" Fed, Democratic Judge, that allows All Fed
Nonsense. According to ALL Democratic Agendas, Riots for
"Justice", Campaigning, and Agenda Attacks on any and all that ARE NOT Exclusively Democrats, the Fed continue to show they are hell bent to drive the Democratic Degradation of Society with complete and utter Contemptuous Moral Turpitude (legal term)...deliberately. How much, itemized and published by Media have the Feds spent on their farce,
hoax, scam, and KILL NOTICE? Hope the jury has more common sense than the susceptible, malleable and Fertilized Democratic Crops of Obamabotdots, seeded, watered and groomed by complicit, compliant Obama Governing Media.
Repulsed by Instantaneous Verdicts fed by The Most Illegal,
Lawless, Corrupt, and Contemptuous Federal Combined, Strong
Armed Forces for "Injustice", under known Laws, Constitution. "My IT don't stink, when IT DOES!!!"

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