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Regardless McDonnell abused his power, tried to hide all the money he received and I also believe McDonnell and Maureen are not separated, this is all about making people believe this was'nt a "conspiracy" the 2 planned and they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I believe "Greedy" Maureen is to blame and she should be charged or held accountable, but we all know thats not gonna happen and this is a waste of tax payers money!!!!!! At least everyone sees the Mcdonnells for who they really are, an EMBARRASSMENT TO VA, and a coupld "scam" artists. You've got to be so proud!!!!!

Glen Allen

I do not believe the Governor ever thought that he and Jonnie were "friends", not nearly to the degree that he would borrow money, or accept such lavish gifts. I also do not see why, or how, it matters how much money his sister has/had, it is always easy after the fact to say "I would have given him whatever he asked for/needed", I know that in the end, she obviously bailed him out financially to pay Jonnie back for everything, but that was after it was obvious the Government was going after McDonnell. McDonnell deceived the tax payers of the Commonwealth, had he been honest, he may have been forgiven, but his deception should sink him.

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