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Glen Allen

Men do not buy other men's wives gifts of the personal nature such as clothing. Period. I also cannot understand how we are to believe that Maureen McDonnell would want to give her husband a man she admittedly did not want to be with, a gift as expensive as a Rolex, especially when he made such a big deal about paying down their debt. Unless she was prostituting on the side (a nauseating thought in itself), where would he think the money came from to make such a purchase?

McDonnell was a good Governor and is obviously a smart guy, to suggest that he accepted all of these gifts not knowing that Williams wanted something illegal in return, is absolutely absurd.


Don't think Facts of What did Johnny Williams GET from the
Governor's position, power, and authority have any relevance
in this long-running, staged GossipFest Theatrical, Spectacle, Tax Paid Production Number: "Political Kill Notice".
Do the Feds have to itemize their expenses for Tax Payers'
Right to Know? Presuming that the year's print and broadcasting Media Set Ups were Free Gratis as Party Operatives in a quid pro quo, "I'll do you, if you do me".

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