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Being a mom and a wife does not give you permission to have a Sugar Daddy. This woman appears to have let her love for material items cloud her judgment. I do agree that Mr. McDonnell wasn't man enough to handle the situation.

Glen ALlen

I am a little surprised about the reaction of some people thinking that the men should have been men and helped and guided Mrs.McDonnell through her troubles. It is 2014, women are equal, or at least they are supposed to be equal, but with chauvinistic beliefs such as what I am hearing, women will never get there. Mrs. McDonnell knew exactly what she was doing, she knew it was wrong, and she did it anyway. It is not about Mr. McDonnell standing up like a man, but more like Mrs. McDonnell standing up like a woman.


You read my mind on this issue. Well said.


Finally, someone who has the guts to defend Maureen! Thank you for your heartfelt opinion - I share it as well.


Thank you for defending her. Anyone who knows them knows she was so above her head and was in the public eye because of her. The whole situation is embarrassing and sad.

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