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Of Course it's a Federal set up. The Feds have now become Infamous for their Federal pre-planned, orchestrated, and
covert set ups.
(Wisconsin's Governor and Democratic Law Makers' Walkout for Union; and Arizona's Governor for obeying/enforcing the laws Obama doesn't "like", an emergency bombing of Libya for rebel/terrorist).
McDonnell was considered a presidential opponent. There was
a seriously disgruntled, bought, Chef. Feds investigate Star Scientific March 2013 on Securities. April 2013 FBI looking into relationship between McDonnells and Williams. Star Scientific/Williams "fully cooperating" with the Feds.


Don't expect to see McAuliffe, (under "lost" Fed investigation) call in the Feds on speed dial to "investigate" his friend Jones. All those "Special Dispensations" to his Donors, friends, cohorts, party sponsors, big corporation benefactors, Party's own
Tax Exempts Special Interests Groups running Party Government. Even though the "Special Dispensations" are
seen plastered all over Positively(?) Richmond. No investigation Jones' Special Relationship with a special convicted felon/friend/donor that served time for bribing government officials. McAuliffe has already paid off, praised, and raise Jones to State Democratic Chairman for good and faithful service to the Party, under the Party's Way; with Carte Blanche freedom From laws.

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