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"What difference does it make?" to this Administration?
This was plainly a set up, orchestrated, take down of a
political opponent, by hook or crook or any means and tactics necessary. This Administration is known or its
targeted assaults again Opponents: from the McDonnells, to
Arizona Governor, Wisconsin Governor, NJ Governor to Putin,
Mubarak, Kerry's friend Assad, etc. The Government Pravda
Machine carries out the orchestrated Character Assassinations through Media Matters "talking points" for
daily bombardments. Oddly, the Party Administration from Federal, State, and Local auspices are not targeted, investigated, or held to any standards known as the legislated forms of Government: McAuliffe, Mayor Jones,
Herring, Lerner, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, VA, Illegal Alien Invaders. The DOInjustice enables and participates in illegal and lawless, Unconstitutional Acts. He refuses Laws when it comes to his Party. Where IS McAuliffe's Federal Investigation? Has it gone the route as Lerner's? Even the DOJ hides from, refuses and shows his utter Contempt for Congress and Legality. Somehow Democrats of
Exempt from Laws and Laws are only used against opponents.

Paul Shorter, Sr.

This indictment has to be the biggest joke ever. Compared to what our "transparent" president is doing this equates to saving a seat for a friend at a high school play. I'm still waiting for the DOJ to explain how the black panthers intimidating voters from voting is not worth investigating.

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