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J.R. Hoeft

I'm so glad I'm a Lions fan.

Bob Brigham

I hope Ben at least got a white hood with a R------- logo as a signing bonus.

Edward Adams

yes glad I am a Packer fan. May republicans should boycott the deadskins.

Tony Kendall

This fight should not be, but since it won't go away, I'm glad our owner is " holding his ground". I will echo this; leave the Redskin name alone!!#Redskins4Life

Joy Ramsey

So exactly what IS Tribett's argument in favor of continuing to use a racial slur as the team name?


Too bad Snyder doesn't have the class of Abe Polin, who changed the name of our much-beloved Washington Bullets. Please don't tell me it's different, if you do kniw the history of our beloved football team, you know George Preston Marshall named this team -- he was wrong then and it's wrong now.

Mike Slone

Too many real issues to be discussing. This is not. Leave the the Redskins alone


This is a colossal waste of time.
I realize that the majority of fans is quite content with a nickname that is offensive to an entire group of people, that was given to the team by an unabashed racist owner. But the "arc of history bends towards justice", and nothing will stop the changing sensibilities that will in time require that the name be changed.
Think of how seemlessly we embraced The Wizards over The Bullets.
Come on folks, this is sports, entertainment, not life and death. We use this to have a good time and learn a few life lessons along the way.
Please, let common sense rule. Change the name and get some love for doing the right thing.
The Kennedy Administration had to literally order the team to hire a black player. Does anyone remember how that was supposed to wreck the fan base in the south that belonged to the R.......?

Joey Lyons

A bit of history, the Washington Redskins were originally from Boston, MA where they were known as the Boston Braves at the start of their first NFL season in 1932. Then moved to Washington, D.C. in 1937 and changed their name to the Washington Redskins.

I suggest they just change their name back to their original one and call themselves the Washington Braves and be done with this hypocritical political correctness gone crazy.

Greg Keeler

Will all the Highschools that are 95% Native American that chose this name for their team Mascot have to change theirs too? Is the Federal Government just going to have to tell them " I know you find the name Redskin as a feeling of pride... But you are wrong. Change it."

Michael Washington

I am a black man and have been a loyal Redskins fan since Coach Lombardi. I love the Redskins logo and proudly display
on my pickup truck. I see no disrespect towards native americans whatsoever. It is stupid ass politicians and idiots who are driving this stupidity.

Peggy Rapier

Bob Brigham could you please explain the magical process that turns a good progressive liberal into a kinsman just because he supports the good name of the Redskins. Or does it make more sense to say that maybe, just maybe, this issue is not as politically divisive or as racial or as simplistic as the media makes it out to be.

Peggy Rapier

klansman not kinsman

Peggy Rapier

For those who havent done their research and just go by the media frenzy or are just hating on the name because it "looks" bad, you need to know that the Natives invented the word redskin back in the late 1700s. Nobody invents a slur to call themselves. This fact and many others besides fly in the face of this campaign to slander our team based on the political motivations of a few Native Americans. That is the argument that all knowledgeable Redskins fans know and understand.


Proving I guess that liberals can be as much if a racist douche as Dan Snyder.

Ariel Carmona

I don't have a problem with the name and apparently neither do many Native Americans. How do I know? I went to several pow wows and what would I see amidst the fry breads and the Native American regalia? That is right, people proudly wearing Redskin gears. I asked members of various tribes if they had an issue with the name and the majority did not. So, if they don't why should the politicians and PC advocates???


You guys need to research for yourself and stop letting cloudy information fill your heads. Redskins isnt the same as the n word, or will it ever be. Answer this question to yourself, how many times have you used or thought racist words for blacks? Mexicans? Orientals? Now....honestly....how many times have you or have you heard anyone say redskin towards a indian? Im betting NEVER!!!! same as the rest of the world.

debbie lloyd

Redskins is not racist name....to all of you that say it is...where are your facts ? I ask this question over and over but 1 the majority of Native Americans have no issue with our name only a small group have came out with this...and the truth behind that group should be investigated...2nd please explain this:

Red Mesa High School, located on the Navajo Reservation in Red Mesa, Arizona, is a public school in which nearly 100% of it’s students are Navajo Indian.

Their mascot and logo?

The “Redskins.”

Yes, that’s right, the eeeevil and raaaacist term, the “Redskins.” It’s exactly the same name the Washington football team, the Redskins, have called themselves for seven decades.

The high school’s website even has a a tab titled “Redskins News” and features this logo:

well????? stop listening to these people that dont like the redskins....have no basis for their complaint...

one more thing...Im a liberal so when some of the Redskin fans try bashing liberals ...that doesnt help me respect your opinion...we have many democrats that feel the same way we do so careful what you say on that subject...

Renee Culver

I'm a liberal and a Democrat who TOTALLY supports the name: Redskins. Think much of this issue is created by WAPO.


Oklahoma is based on Choctaw Indian words which translate as red people (okla meaning "people" and humma meaning "red"). A state name that is racist which to me is more offensive than a team that you do not have to watch or support if you dont want to.


If okalhoma is still the name of a state i will continue to proudly yell HTTR.

Robert Abney

So Snyder buys a liberal to defend the Redskins tradition of racism.The team was forced to integrate the team. You hire a snake oil Republican lie machine monster Frank Luntz but people see through that. White people have no say in this. Only Native Americans and if it is offensive to them how do you feel you have the right to tell them you are trying to honor them? How can a liberal blogger not know the name is a racial slur? I guess liberals can be racist too. Tell you what as long as the team keeps that name they aren't going anywhere. They will be cursed just like they became until they were finally forced to integrate.


i think washington monuments would work


Take away the Indian Head, Insert a sun burnt pale face keep Redskins end of conservation......Cochise

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