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The Liberty Activist

The article reads: "He is undoubtedly the most conservative person at most of his academic cocktail parties, but in a primary for congress in the Republican party he can be tagged as a "liberal" in negative tv ads."

"He can be tagged as a "liberal"?" Come on. That is a crappy way to phrase that. You should say 'although he has been tagged as a liberal by Cantor' and should add but that amounts to a misbranding by the Cantor camp, since Brat is clearly a conservative.

Shoddy reporting.


"But in an unpredictable primary- of which zero polling data has been made public- we have no idea what to expect."

I'm sure that the amnesty lobby is buying plenty of polling for their man. Why are no media organizations doing polling for the public? It's important for voters to know the likelihood of their votes being important. Why are television stations not sponsoring a debate this weekend, setting out a block of time and making it available whether or not both of the candidates show up? That would make refusing to debate much more difficult. The voters deserve something more substantive than political ads that are often highly deceptive, as some in this race have been deemed by media truth-detectors.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Mark Zuckerberg isn't bringing his Facebook database to aid Cantor's campaign. It proved very useful for Obama's reelection. Could reporters ask?


Dave Brat says, "I'm running against folks who stay up there too long and turn from the District to represent folks up in DC" and that's something voters/"average" people talk about all the time but in all the "politics" discussions on TV, its never talked about. Republican politicians are the most guilty of ignoring the people who vote for them, the people they expect to vote for them, and representing/pandering to some other people. When I read about former VP candidate Paul Ryan giving speeches about "the poor" and going to an inner city church, its annoying. Those are not the people he expects to vote for him. Those people have their own representatives. Ryan doesn't think that 5% of those people will vote for him no matter what he does. His pandering is inherently dismissive of and hostile to the people he expects to vote for him. Its annoying.

Harold Vann

Refreshing. Individuals do have power when they work together for something they believe in. Dave believes in open markets. He believes in doing everything we can locally, that we cannot expect Wahington to supply that we can do for ourselves locally.
I hope we can identify other candidates across the country who believe the same.
Thanks for listening. Please do and spread the ideas if you believe them.

Dorothy Bart

Good luck in Washington.Plz don't let that change you in any way. I would of voted for Cantor but glad I did my homework and voted for you instead. We don't need more illegals coming over our borders and taking jobs we don't have now for our own people. They send their children knowing we take the kids along come the adults. NO NO NO. PLZ don't let us down. I'm sooo glad you won. Thank God

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