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Nat Atkins

Brat ain't all that!

JD Davis

Eric Cantor and many of his cohorts have become part of the problem. They are essentially the Right Wing of the Democrat Party. Cantor will do anything to hold on to power except perhaps actually represent the will of his constituents. Cantor only represents Cantor. He needs a term limit. Dave Brat is the candidate that has the values, intelligence and drive to make is happen.

Harry Merkin

Eric Cantor is as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Cantor and his opponent Dave Brat are in the VA 7th Republican primary. If Cantor wins his primary on June 10, he will run unopposed in November and be the next Speaker of the House. Do Democrats want Cantor in there for another term? This can all be stopped by defeating him in the primary. Donate to Dave Brat for Congress, he is clearly the lesser of two evils. Check him out and donate atwww.davebratforcongress.com

For me, I would rather have a freshman Congressman in the House than a corrupt establishment Republican with his eye on the Speaker position.

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