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Ox Pecker

"Cantor launches hit against primary opponent Brat"

Heck, I wish Eric would launch a darn town hall meeting. He's in every other state but this one - VA.

Harry Merkin

Eric Cantor is as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Cantor and his opponent Dave Brat are in the VA 7th Republican primary. If Cantor wins his primary on June 10, he will run unopposed in November and be the next Speaker of the House. This can all be stopped by defeating him in the primary. Donate to Dave Brat for Congress, he is a Conservative with a clear platform. Check him out and donate at www.davebratforcongress.com

Henry Moriconi

Dr. Brat was appointed to the Governor's Board of Economist. He was also reappointed by McDonnell. Politico points out that the Board has nothing to do with revenue, which WWBT should report. Therefore, the Board would not have addressed suggested increases in taxes. Maybe the add is not a lie when looking at the facts, but the implication is totally false. Eric is more of a liberal, If Erci is as great as he indicates why won't he debat Brat. I can not support someone who made it so family members can do insider trading. They should have to follow the laws that they pass.

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