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Herring is a man who wants all sex offenders out early from prison. He says sex offenders do not have to serve maximum sentences for sex crimes. What would he do if a sex offender committed a sex crime against his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man is a moronic jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dispise Herring. Burn Herring burn for eternity!!!!!!!!


My dear Pam, I take offense at your call to "Burn herring... for eternity." Not only does this violate the first law of thermodynamics (yes, you're a law breaker, but maybe the universe will be lenient on you), but it will unequivocally destroy the fish. You may want to tone it down a little, and try smoking the fish-- not for an eternity, but merely for a number of hours-- and you may find that this living being, plucked out of the ocean before its time, will satisfy your tasty desires.


Ah, the sudden flip. Look, smells, sounds, and acts
exactly like Democrats.


Comments like Pam's is very anti-Christian. She's taken Herrings position way out of context. But then she would never have voted for Herring anyway.. But burning someone, even the bible tells us not to judge someone else.. Pammy needs to take her medications..


To all who replied to me go jump off a bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ones who replied to me burn for etenity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am legally within my first ammendment right to post what I want to post,therefor I am not breaking any laws you morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pam, I think you need to learn about the term "Sarcasm". They are correct that saying someone should burn for eternity is a little out of line. While it is your right to say this, it is also their right to voice their opinions against what you said. I'll just say, Let they that live without sin cast the first stone.

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