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Leslie Rubio

Looking forward to celebrating and taking a well deserved rest after a year of doing everything possible to ensure a McAuliffe, Northam and Herring victory!

Cheryl Lage

Am voting for a Libertarian, a Republican and a Democrat tomorrow...and feeling very American for the array. Disagree with your supposition Ryan that a "Sarvis voter would stay home" if he were not on the ticket.

Most I know would have written someone in, or would have held their noses and voted either McAuliffe or Cucinelli, and self-flagellated the whole way home.

I will be surprised if Sarvis gets less than 10%...and will not be remotely surprised if he receives more.

Susan Ann Glass

Well stated, Cheryl! I couldn't agree with you more. There are a lot of Sarvis supporters out here and NBC's dismissive coverage of him this entire campaign is sad.

Belinda Wray

McCauliff will win as the conservatives/republics will split their votes between two candidates while the liberals/democrats will stay united and claim a victory. Conservatives can't get out of their own way even if it meant a victory.

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