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Mark Elzey

All I have heard for years from Obama and Reid is utter contempt for conservatives and virtual unyielding stances on almost every major issue. Tim Kaine has proven himself to be a very dishonest character. Yes, Eric Cantor has walked out of meetings with Obama in the past, but that was due to Obama refusing to give an inch. Kaine is a freshman Senator trying to get his party to support him more fully. I have not heard of any compromises on a major issue by Democrats in quite a while.


You asked for comment - why do you/we need to "blame" anyone?


I find it very interesting that the healthcare bill still is a thorn in many hearts. Was it or is it what Americans needed or wanted? Who knows really. However, the fact is, we are trillions of dollars in the hole. We are in debt to countries like China, who aren't really our biggest fans. We can't get away with spending without repercussions, then why would our government? In the end, to fix it, something like trimming back has to occur. Our biggest employer cannot be a government. Change is hard, no doubt, but something must change.

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