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Has Cuccinelli returned the $100k in donations from CONSOL Energy yet, after the scandal of his office aiding this gas company in its lawsuit against SW Virginia homeowners?

S. Cottle

Please ask the Duggars to go back home and support politicians in their own state. They have no say here in Virginia since this is a local campaign, not national.


I like the fact that they are popular and are supporting Ken.And Terry has been attacking Ken about birth control. Well look at this large family supporting him. And I think its really nice that they are helping him. And I am an out and out Rep. This country has gone to hell in a handbag cause of the Dem.and Pres.Obama. And Cottle I think that the Duggars have every right to be here and help. And you see how the Dem.are ruining this country. Do you honestly want another one in office.Terry stands by the same ideas as Obama.Which means that things will get worse. So I have never seen the show The Duggars but now I think I will become a huge supporter of theirs. Thanks Duggars for coming to VA and helping out. I agree with everything that Jim had to say.


For those unstructing them to go and support candidates in their own state....are you also instructing Bloomberg to do the same? He has recently thrown a good deal of money into Mcauliffe's campaign in hopes of enabling the same type of gun control regulation he was nearly successful at getting implemented in Colorado (until citizens spoke up and did recall that is) . So, are you willing to speak out in same manner or will you show your hypocracy? I feel certain I know the answer, but thought I would put question out there.


I've yet to hear from either candidate after writing them to stop their mudslinging of each other.

Anthony Jordan

Cyndi: How about you hitch up your trailer to the Duggar's van when they head out of Richmond?

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