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Pastor Glenn Koons

Gee another Dem liberal crook and Va. voters are going to elect Terry guv???? If so,Obama's disease has spread to normally stable voters.


You can start investigating "green" companies that received tens of millions of taxpayers dollars then went bankrupt, one after another after another.


This is the government the founders warned us about. Resist.



So this is why Terry didn't bring his company to Virginia. He knew it was a scam and was hoping no one in VA would find out. Well, we know the times dispatch won't write about it, but there is always other sources.


If they are DemocRAT, if they are seeking Taxpayer Money through the Obama Regime, if they had ties to Clinton, then most likely they are crooks......Leopards don't change their spots and crooked Politicians do not either. If their lips are moving, they are lying!

John Butler

Global Crossing! The fraud perpetrated by Terry...I lost thousands...he gained millions! How dare he even think about public SERVICE!


WOW, AP reported this! That's a story in itself.


You won't read this in the NYTimes. Clintons using govt programs to enrich their families. McCaulif a Dem operative. Corruption at the top.

Peter Krane

McAuliffe is your typical corrupt Democrat. I would rather put in Cuccinelli in office. Cuccinelli, at least, was one of the first AG in the nation to question the feasibility of ObamaCare/Tax. McAuliffe should just keep raising money for the Clintons and Obamas of the Democrat Party, and leave the real work to others.

Carl M

The Clinton family is so deep in the government payment center is is sick to even think what they are stealing from the government. Mrs Clinton might be better served to stay home forever as there is now more than enough information to make her wish she had.


Tomas, it's actually billions, not millions. Several examples contained in the links:

The story of the battery company 'Revolt' will make you weep.

Govt's Recovery.gov has a breakdown of all the green dollars:

Cronyism abounded, and our grandchildren will be footing the bill:


two bullets. One problem eliminated and justice served for $2.50. Heck of a deal.

GrammerPolleece Iv

Terry is a thief. He stole millions for doing absolutely nothing when Global Crossing bought Rochester Telephone (Frontier). At the same time hundreds of employees each lost tens of thousands in retirement and pension when Global went bankrupt. He's a back stabbing, lying, liberal Democrat who will do anything to advance his own career and line his pockets.

Pete Dosado

Terry McAuliffe is a crook! Do you Liberal/Progressives even know anymore what a crook is? Imagine a vampire that is trying to suck blood from a turnip: that is a Democratic/Socialist crook! He knows that there is no more blood to be had, but he just likes the sucking sound!


Same ole,same ole, Corrupt democrats and the main stream media just ignores it. But if a private company gets caught, like enron, it is world news for months.

AL Gore

Let this entire "Solar power" thing sit in the hot sun and it starts to smell like ...
(sniff , sniff ) hmmmmm sure smells like....
Well..it Starts to look like ..uhhhh......
It sure feels like .....like .....

Yup ..It tastes exactly like shi*

I'd not let my solar panels in the sun toooo long...
Might contribute to "global warming" with all that methane being released


Terry: You're mother would cry.


Correction: Your (not you're). Sorry about that.


your forgiven


Correction: You're (not your). apologies.


If the AP didnt they always see back end of the lead dog. The sad thing is we have grown so used to scandal in this administration it doesnt surprise us anymore.


This guy is SOOO dirty, it's incredible.


McAuliffe should have been in jail 10 years ago. Can we get rid of this guy already?

Sue Bob

mikesvoice: You can't accuse him of lying because his lips are moving. He doesn't have an upper lip.


OH wow, hope its not an anal probe!


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