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Sorry, I missed the part of the story where you said who is paying Citizens United to run this large and expensive campaign. Perhaps those coal companies or Koch brothers who are Ken Cuccineli's largest donors? Please do some reporting and add that little detail.


Here's everything you need to know about the sleazy group behind "Fast Terry."



Progressive VA needs to learn to read: According to Larry Sabato at UVA's Center for Politics a negative ad of that length has never run on Virginia television in a governor's race. In this case the Star television group actually purchased the licence to air the film. Citizens United did not have to buy the time.

Chukkal Scott

LOL...another Clintonite caught trying to sneak behind the curtains....luv it!


Ooooh....oooooh...the Koch brothers. The evil, evil Koch brothers the hypocrite says as he pats George Soros on the behind.


funny how a puff piece on Hillary is fine, but this is attacked.

Heywood J

Nice use of "it's" by the 25 year old J-school reporter.

C Le

I lost money with the Global Crossing fiasco. So what will Terry lose, his freedom. Orange jump suit for him!

Gary B

"The controversial conservative group"
When's the last time you read "The controversial liberal group"?


terry made ca. $18M on sweetheart global crossing trades after setting up a series of private meetings between gc and slick. Wasn't especially secret at the time, but sure didn't get any MSM attention......

Charles Nash

I knew guys like this in college. No talent for anything other than running their nose up the right people's a55 and having pedantic ideas that persuade useful idiots.


I was one of THE stupid people who voted for Bill Clinton both times AND voted for Hillary Clinton for NY Senator. I will NEVER AGAIN, IN A MILLION YEARS AND NOT FOR LOVE OR MONEY, vote for another Clinton or support ANYTHING they do again because they have proven to have NOTHING but THE most hideous charlatans, thieves, scam artists and sickos on their side. Shame on them for maintaining an ever grotesque menagerie of filthy slags around them.


Great comments. Anybody that closely associated with the Clintons is just one more #DemWeiner and all the Dems seem to be Weiners. Lies, dishonesty, phony. They govern dishonestly, take from the taxpayer. Hey, just like Obama. #NewWorldOrder Dems

X 9

It is symptomatic of all government workers who believe the general public and taxpayers are just a meal to devour while on their way to stardom.


Terry is a douche and has always been a douche...anyone connected to clinton was and also still is...period


Spin, Democrats, spin. It's all they have left since the facts don't support their backwards agenda.

Blame it on Bush

Terry gives crony capitalism a bad name. He's been fleecing investors and pocketing the change ever since the Gary Winnick (Global Crossing) days. Regardless of his political affiliation, he's a crook and a true POS.


CU only got $25 bucks from me b/c I didn't have $25,000 to send them! I lived in NY when Terry McAuliff launched his sleazy career and he's finally risen to top!


Terry McAuliffe is a con-man. If Virginia votes for this shyster they deserve what they get.

Rodham and McAuliffe should be investigated for bilking investors. The story by Greentech employees of how they had to pretend to make cars when Chinese investors were being brought through the plant should be heard by a grand jury.

A. Levy

He's not the first leftist Demoncrat to con the mindless liberal voters of VA. They don't deserve any better.

Jonathan Swift

McAuliffe is the best the neo-coms have to offer for Virginia??? Please! He's just a shyster lackey for the liberals. Conman and nothing more.

Atilla TheHunney

Its so funny to read all the posts from the progressive leftists who are having a cow. "We're the only ones that can make documentaries slandering others!" they howl-- as they take in the money from George Soros and the demoncrat party. LOL! LOL!


The only thing McAuliffe should be in charge of is a carnival. Not the great state of Virginia.
Virginia , if your listening, be wary and skeptical of what the leftists have in store for your state. Leaders of the Democrat party said this during the 2012 election.." We want to plant a new flag in the South. He's a Clinton hack and strictly a party man who wants to be Hilary's pick for V.P. in 2016.....


This is funny. As USUAL, the LIBERALS won't debate or refute the content of the film. Instead, they attack the creators.


So now we know why Terry McAuliffe is so eager to be an outspoken advocate of Sodomy(butt rape) and doesn't want to talk about his campaign fundraising and business practices. I already knew who the real Terry was. I remember his role in renting out the Lincoln bedroom and AirForce One during the Clinton years. Terry has made his money the good ole boy way as the insiders inside man.

The only things I need to know about Terry other than the fact he has been a prime example of political sleaze is that he supports Obamacare, he supports EPA coal killing regulations, and he supports growing government and taxes.
Also Ken Cuccinelli is also a REAL Virginian not some guy from NY who came here to buy a Governorship like Terry McAuliffe.

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