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CS Springfield

And this nonsense legislation to kiss the a** of corporations Cantor loves barely passed. If Ryan Nobles was a real reporter he would have at least asked a few Dems about this "work more get paid less" garbage before writing this puff piece for Eric Cantor.

Please stay in RVA Ryan -- you'd be laughed off Capitol Hill reporting this garbage from Washington.

Terry Johnson

You'd think that some who works in media -- where there's lots of unexpected overtime -- would not be dumb enough to think the bill title indicates what the legislation does.

“In an already fragile economy where workers fear being replaced every single day, the GOP bill magnifies the power given to employers by pressuring employees to work longer hours for less pay.  If the Republicans have their way, employers will be able refuse any and all requests by an employee to take time off to pick up a sick child from school or attend a parent-teacher conference while also having the authority to tell an employee to go home without pay when business is slow. Working families rely on their time-and-a-half of overtime pay to live, yet this bill steals that overtime and gives what amounts to an interest-free loan to corporations," Rep Donald Payne, Jr.

Could Nobles be on Cantor's payroll? At least present both sides.


Chad Barrett in Henrico

This is anti worker. And for News12 it's also about bad reporting. Journalists are supposed to question the government, not act as a public relations agent for elected officials.

If this bill became law it would hurt Virginians more than McAuliffe's car company going to Miss. Yet who did News12 grill for 20 minutes? Cantor is worse for VA than any other official. This idea is a joke and it will never pass the Senate and be signed into law. Wake up News12.


"I'm one of them" who is Eric Canton kidding? He's a millionaire who makes $200,000 to have Congress on vacation recess more time than they are in session. He wastes tax money with his chauffeur security detail going to and from Richmond. Ask the US Capitol Police if they'd rather have their overtime money. What a joke.

Truthout is Better

If there was a pulitzer for stupid reporting this would take it. Why interview a GOP campaign donor -- Nicole Lambert -- that the GOP invited to be at the event??? She runs a business that would not require overtime.

If you want real news on the GOP taking away your overtime go to TRUTHOUT and read this https://truth-out.org/news/item/16118-on-the-news-with-thom-hartmann-republicans-want-to-eliminate-your-overtime-pay-and-more

Lou Dennis

When you have millionaires in Congress who get campaign bribes from business owners this is what those millionaires in Congress focus on. No one pays their mortgage or buys a car with comp time Ryan. Time to wake up boy. Of course a company would rather pay the worker nothing than pay overtime.

Lou Dennis

Making Eric Cantor look good is News 12's main job. This is a lot like the puff piece that was run by News12 here: https://blogs.nbc12.com/decisionvirginia/2013/02/cantor-lays-out-vision-for-gop-in-major-policy-speech.html

Ryan Nobles

Folks.. I appreciate the feedback on the piece, but I am pretty sure a significant portion of the post points out the detractors to the legislation and links to a lengthy press release regarding their concerns.

This is not in any way an endorsement of the policy and I specifically asked Rep. Cantor about the concern that employers would be in a position to pressure workers to not take overtime pay.

It appears most of you would not be happy unless I was the one attacking Mr. Cantor. That is not my job. My job is to present both sides of the issue, which this story provides.

You are always welcome to voice your opinion.

Thanks- Ryan

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