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Prohibition just isn't working.
Just like it didn't work before.

It's time to end the failed experiment.


Whether it's Delegate Cox's son or the son of John Doe is irrelevant here. Now for the BREAKING NEWS: this child is only ONE of MANY CH kids that has a marijuana addiction. I myself have a teenage CHHS student who tells me that I have no idea how bad the drugs are in this school. I also have friends (yes plural), that have children at CHHS addicted to marijuana and spice. It is a huge problem that exists in our school and has been ingored for too long. We need a more aggressive approach and I PRAY that this publication will help shed light on this issue with our children. Challenge yourself not to gossip about this news but instead to get on your hands and knees and PRAY for our children.


Why is this anyone's business because of his job he is a father and his son is a kid just like lots of others in this world I mean if any other kid in CHHS gets this charge it would not be on TV so why is so important to put Mr. and Mrs. Cox on TV I know this family Personally and they are a great family that love all of their children it is a shame that the News would blast them like that just because of his Job maybe you should blast some of the cops in this city that sit around and harass these kids for no good reason and believe me it is some and they have yet to find anything on the kids they are harassing. Maybe I should start Blasting out the Cops or the Cops that are calling these children names because they actually proved them wrong..umm Now thats a story to put on the News....

Dean Pitman

To the Anonymous at 9:43AM posting.
Marihuana addiction? Get real. The fear of everything has you to afraid to even venture outside I suppose. Legalize it!


Why is everyone making such a huge deal about it and bashing Kirk Cox in the papers and news? His son who was busted is AN ADULT OVER THE AGE OF 18! He can make his own decisions. I know that he represents his father because of his last name, but how does Delegate Cox have anything to do with his adult son's decisions? Also, I myself know many CH Police Officers who do harrass young adults around the area--I myself have been a victim of their harrassment. They illegally searched my car, pulled me over with 6-8 police cars and caused a scene to find a few Aleve Tablets in pill carrier that was in my dash. CHPD is a joke.

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