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I think he's still two fires short of Cory Booker.


@ Mr.Sterling:

At least he didn't walk away from the scene, unlike the late Ted Kennedy.

Jennifer Hardy

I would be happy to have him as our governor.


Good for them both. Truck Driver was lucky they came along. Heros!


According to my information the driver denied transport by the EMS crew on scene; no report was taken...seriously Ken.

Bert Smith

Congratulations, Ken, you are a true hero and human being. Most politicians would, at most, have had their driver make a 911 call. You went above and beyond and not only stopped the truck, but helped put out the fire. With all the press about the imperious attitudes of people like Hillary and Biden it is refreshing to read about someone from the other side for a change. A man of the people and for the people. Thanks.

Ellie Lockwood

Hey, one candidate saves FFX taxpayers $500million proving to the EPA that water isn't a pollutant AND saves a trucker her burning rig. The OTHER candidate wrestles alligators for money AND rents out the Lincoln Bedroom to Clinton donors. Really tough choice. LOL


Proud of you Mr. Cuccinelli. I plan to champaign and vote for you!

Glen Allen

It is always nice to see a government official react quickly in an emergency. I am unsure why he needs a "Driver" however, especially during such tough economical times. It seems to me he should be able to drive himself, but that's a different story I guess.

Thank you for being there and reacting the way you did Mr. Cuccinelli!!


I used to be a "driver" for the ag. Unless things have changed, and budgeting almost surely means they have not, a.driver is just an aide that goes to an event with the ag. Often they multi task, help at the event (it may be their job to be there too, if it is in their portfolio of programs), and the aide's driving lets the ag get critical work done on the road as well.

Newton Lemmon

It's "its" in the 2d sentence. Not "it's". Please fix.

Rick Gilbert

Mr. Cuccinelli also spearheaded the conviction of Medicare fraud in the country resulting in the fining of Abbott Labs to the tune of over 5 billion nationwide - 4.2 million of which is being returned to Virginia and used to enhance law enforcement to help keep us all safe. Now that's what an Attorney General should do!

Juan Mendoza

"It looked like her breaks locked up and one of the wheels was burning," he said.

I believe that should be "brakes."


Sensationalist journalism with bad punctuation. Bravo. I can sensationalize a fairly mundane situation as well.

Proof reading saves lives!

Larry Stine

Thomas Haynesworth greets his great-niece Da'Niya Haynesworth,… (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON…)Ads by Google
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RICHMOND — Thomas Haynesworth sorted mail and made copies early Tuesday at his clerical job in Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II’s office. Then Cuccinelli went to work for him.

In a vaulted courtroom, Cuccinelli passionately tried to convince a Virginia appeals court that Haynesworth is an innocent man. That the state made a mistake when Haynesworth was convicted of rape three decades ago. That his name should be cleared.

Then the two walked back to work.

“I’ll see you up there,” Cuccinelli told Haynesworth as he might any other colleague heading back to the grind.

The relationship between Virginia’s top law enforcement official and parolee is an unlikely one, born of one of the state’s most extraordinary legal cases. Cuccinelli, a law-and-order conservative Republican is a former state senator from Fairfax County who is known as a political bulldog. Haynesworth, 46, is a high school dropout who was arrested at 18.

“He’s an extraordinary guy,” Haynesworth said of Cuccinelli. “A total stranger put it on the line for me.”


Looks like Virginia has a leader in it's ranks. Hope he makes it to DC. None there right now.


Wait -- he didn't have people take photos of his heroism (*ala Corey Booker)? Imagine: A politician who did something WITHOUT thinking of the political or personal ramifications!


If it were a Demorat he/she would have called for a study into the fire, and then would have had a commission formed to see if fire effects female drivers at an unfair rate, then would tell the driver, that he/she would like to help them, but UNION rules don't allow it....


Wait a tick... According to the loudmouth progressives, Ken Cuccinelli is supposedly this evil and nefarious Republican fat cat who would steal candy from children and push baby strollers down a long flight of stairs.

It can't be true that AG Cuccinelli is just a decent guy who is willing to stop and put himself in harm's way to help a fellow human being in need (something we all know that progressives are too busy to do), can it?

Nah. There was probably gold, or oil, or maybe candy for babies in the truck. After all, it's pretty obvious that progressives are excellent judges of character and integrity, right, Waters, Rangel, Nagin, Corzine, et. al?

kamon cho

Very nice what a good deed!
Calming to have a person who won't create his own re enactment movie like some future Sec of State who endangered his own men for vanity.

Joe B.

Saw no mention of party in the article. Being from Maine, I had heard of Cuccinelli, but wasn't sure until halfway through the commments. Wonder if a Dem would have been handled the same way. Just sayin'...


Common Sense

Notice no mention in the article he is a republican...if he were a democrat, it would mentioned many times throughout the article...which is poorly written/reported!


Why would the driver need help getting out of the cab? Very odd. Unrelated injury? Anyway, admirable, but not quite Corey Booker.

Common Sense

If the press would not have chosen sides, we'd be much better off, don't you agree?


I love the grammatical and spelling mistakes. I see this is from blogs.nbc12.com. NBC... why am I not surprised? Their blog writers appear to be as hopeless as their political news journalists!

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