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It's disturbing to me that McAuliffe's reason for not building his plant in Virginia is that "VDED decided they didn't want to bid on it." While I'm not surprised Mr. McAuliffe wants the tax payers to foot part of the bill for his ventures, I find this type of practice deeply offensive. You can build a successful business without crony capitalism and government handouts. I know. I've done it. Many others have done it as well. Unfortunately, like so many politicians, McAuliffe doesn't seem to be aware this is even possible.


When you've got investors (I'm sure he didn't build a car factory out of his own pockets) you usually HAVE to do what's in the best financial interest of the company. How do you think his investors would feel if he told them that he cost them money in their business venture because it wouldn't be as good for him politically?


SMH...this gubernatorial race is gonna be another choice between Idiot #1 and Idiot #2....where's Russ Potts when you need him?


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