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Janice Paterson

Wow, so this is how some of you are going to act because President Obama won re-election?? I guess losing this state two elections in a row is cutting you to the core. Damn, the confederacy here still lives! Really?? Destroying innocent people's lives because President Obama won?? Why wasn't this announced before?

Thomas Roberts

I see he really working across the boards for a better union. Or trying to position himself for 2016 as a republican front runner. this is a wake up call people this is what take's place when you don't ensure a good team to support your president. He slip through the cracks last year because we thought were good because obama was elected. we have to give him a team that will support his change. So the upcoming governor's race is very important our job is not done yet. let's truly make virginia a blue state.


So I should surpopt Patrick Murray in the 8th because he gives a good presentation; or maybe because he gives me a tingling in my leg? Somehow I think Murray's confused running for the United States Congress with running for Prom King.I would like to see some original ideas for solutions to serious issues come from that campaign. That would show true leadership!

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