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Why is it when we have an event at a public school we have to pay for our officers. Might I sat that it is expensive! The candidates should foot this bill!


Its "Democratic Presidential Campaign Visits to VA," not "Democrat Presidential Campaign Visits to VA."

Also, your study doesn't talk about all the benefits of being a swing state, including all the spending both campaigns did in Virginia: advertisements, rental real estate, employment, catering, and many other expenditures.

A little overtime for our first responders is a small price to pay for these benefits.

Joe Smuck

Yea, and how about when Hussian Obama visits your community and never mentions one word of thanks or even recognizes the first responders or local officials. Exactly what happened in Prince George. But he sure acknowledged the hell out of Petersburg, called out names of their elected officials, and gave praise to VA State University. Oh well, Prince George taxpayers had to pay those bills.

Brian K Pearce

This expense goes directly back to those who cannot afford it for in the long run it ends up running up costs of everything for folks. While we are talking about something that is negative how about this for thought there is no bigger felon in the land than Bill Clinton yet every time the democrat party wants to draw a huge crowd who do they call on it's Slick Willy himself. He was an Impeached President one who lied and was Convicted and yet folks still flock to him like flies WHY?


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