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Rhonda Thissen

Was this debate publicized on NBC 12 news? I watch daily at 6:00 and 11:00 and don't recall hearing about it. I wish I had known; I would have attended.


Dicon:IT IS NOT A REHAB! Most rehabs are in pecals such as Doset, Wales, Weston Super Mare. Countryside. Is your complaint about the documentation or the fact there is a proposed drug service nearby? I doubt there will be more needles in the street as I would hope the service users wouldn't be using illegal drugs when attending. Surely they get tested for substances when they attend?Everybody else:I too have 2 small children under 5 and thankfully remain unaffected by drugs or drug issues. I have family members who are not so lucky. There are many residents in Brockley addicted to illegal substances. There are also many residents who are alcoholics etc. Perhaps we could ask them all to leave Brockley alone so the likes of us can enjoy it in peace and tranquility. Perhaps we could tell Wetherspoons to move their pub as it would encourage alcoholics to accumillate there?I really think we are looking at Brockley with rose tinted glasses, the sirens are constant (so the comment about the police presence is almost laughable, there's CCTV all over the place too and I undertsnad this is manned footage so an actual person see's things as they happen!Do you really think these centres will encourage more drug gangs into the area? Don't you think they would be more likely to want to stay away from the limelight?I'm afraid your comment was too long for me to read the whole of it. Apologies if you addressed any of this in that.And I too live in Brockley and support this service. They can have my back yard it they like but I don't think it's big enough. ; )

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