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Whatever. Carter lacked piiatocll acumen. No argument here. But he WAS the only guy, like, ever, to get the Israel Jews and the Egyptians to make a stab at getting along (not in the usual way, I mean). And almost won something on this point. As for "malaise", it was about on the level of "buy a pair of socks."Poorly stated but on the money. I know about this sort of thing.Carter was never a delusional hallucinogenic chimp-lover and he wasn't just a peanut farmer, he was a peanut scientist. On a nuc sub, no less.And he thought it might be nice to try to use his retirement to help build houses for poor people & try his hand, as best he good, at feelance ambassadorship.He's also been called The Best Ex-President.Not the best president, of course. What, you think I talk to my monkey or something?

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