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Mike Miller

The minority party has been calling reductions in growth rates proposed by the majority party "cuts" since at least the early 1990s. It is just politically motivated sophistry: Reducing spending growth rates is good, cuts are bad. Ryan's logic really fails in his misunderstanding of healthcare and the positive affects of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) for all Americans, including Medicare enrollees, by improving how healthcare is delivered. Ryan's "healthcare" proposals are all based on economic principles that have been shown to undermine improving healthcare quality and security, i.e. cost-shifting and failing to create structures to hold doctors and hospitals accountable with actionable data.

"Obamacare" doesn't promote cost-shifting, it is generating actionable data, and it is promoting local entities to develop and use that data to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for both their clinical outcomes and overall costs. All of this - along with the insurance reforms and additional Medicare benefits (e.g., annual wellness visits and partially filling the prescription drug "donut hole") - are why the ACA is a solid foundation for improving the US healthcare system, and one that will control long-term healthcare spending, provide predictability and security for employers and employees, and thus help spur economic growth. (Sorry about that very run-on sentence, but healthcare is complex, and simple answers - such as "vouchers" are false solutions.)


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