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Ivan Herndon

I think Obama and Biden just need to stay out of Virginia. It seems every time one of them stump in Virginia, they make some off the cuff remark which immediately becomes a focal point for Republicans.


The Republicans have no candidate, no ideas and their only strategy is attack. They, listen, figure out how to twist and then get all indignant. Only the Republicans can make a complete non-news story a major scandal. Biden used very similar wording in his speech as Rick Santorum -- the parties' runner-up -- used one year ago in Iowa. And yet there was no uproar about his comments then.

Joe Biden's Daddy

I see nothing wrong with Biden stating the Republicans were going to put all Blacks in chains. (It's true!) Biden then went on to say that the Republicans were going to kill all old people and then start on the Gays. Biden then began to state the Republican's plan for beheading young children, but he broke down and wept before he could get the plan out.


Frankly, I am very tired of the Republican rhetoric praapgoted by the McCain/Palin duo about how Obama's economic plan is a socialist plan that supposedly will negatively impact the Joe the Plumbers of our country, the $250K and more group (the wealthy). First, let's check out the real facts (see factcheck.org). According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy as of 2006, there were an estimated 26.8 million small business owners, and that accounted for about 20 million "nonemployer" businesses (have no employees). So, only about 6 million actually had a payroll, a far cry from the 23 million the McCain/Palin duo keeps talking about. Also, on factcheck.org, that small group may not be impacted and actually not pay any taxes because under Obama's economic plan according to his economic policy director Jason Furman, Obama's plan would return the top two federal income-tax rates to what they were eight years ago, before Bush lowered them and would adjust the income-tax brackets to ensure that no married couple making under $250,000 or single filer making under $200,000 would pay the top rates. Further, the average income for small business owners is $233,600, so sounds like the Obama/Biden team is really looking out for Joe the Plumber and definitely for you and me.Secondly, this leads me to ask the question, then who are the McCain/Palin duo really considering, those whose earnings are over $250k and more (the wealthy) and why is that duo not considering Joe/Josephine the Consumer too? In case they don't know who they are or care about them, they're the average Joe Blows the Obama/Biden team are fighting for, those who make less than $250K. The McCain/Palin duo wants to paint the picture that wealthy people or the Joe the Plumbers are going to be taxed higher and Obama/Biden want to spread the wealth. Well, let's look at that. How do the wealthy become wealthy? Let's see, they start a business and I guess they just become wealthy by doing just that saying they have a business and register the business name and VOILA!, their wealthy. But, we all know that's not quite how it goes. Business owners or small businesses come up with an idea to market or sell their goods and services to you and me, Joe/Josephine the Consumer. We buy Joe the Plumbers computers, food, furniture, clothes, toys, oil and gas, autos, alarm systems, banking and financial services, homes, apartments, refrigerators, other household goods, cable, cell phones, exercise equipment, medical, etc., shop at their retail stores, buy their brand name (their name) eat at their restaurants and fast food chains, and are fans of their movies, TV shows, sports, and other entertainment media and buy televisions, stereo systems, home theater systems, big screen televisions and now HDTVs to watch them on making those business owners wealthy, wealthier, and wealthier-r-r. Now, I'm not knocking any of these entrepreneurs because we all need each other, but I think we need to realize that Joe/Josephine the Consumer (you and me) are the driving force for our economy and the team who is looking out for you and me, Joe/Josephine the Consumer is the Obama/Biden team. The other thing too, won't those wealthy entrepreneurs get some of those taxes back if not all of it. When Joe/Josephine the Consumer gets that tax refund that Obama/Biden are pushing for, what do you think they are going to do with it. If I can borrow a phrase that Gov. Palin might say, betcha by golly, they will most likely turnaround and put that refund back into the economy (a stimulating boost) buying more goods and services keeping Joe the Plumber wealthy, wealthier, and wealthier-r-r. I think that's a win-win situation for everybody. As long as Joe/Josephine the Consumer buys, we keep Joe the Plumber's business doors open to keep us gainfully employed to buy more goods and services and Joe the Plumber makes more profits to invest bad or good (and hopefully Joe/Josephine the Consumer won't have to bail them out a second time). One final note, I dare to say that after Joe the Plumber's CPAs and accountants reduce his net profit before taxes down to $250K, surely, they will come up with a $1 loophole to make Joe the Plumbers taxable income no higher than $249,999 so he won't have to pay all those taxes after all, if any. So, thank you Obama/Biden for thinking about us, Joe/Josephine the Consumer, working class America, the middle and lower incomers, also known as the 95%.Sorry for the long rant.Have a beautiful day. Take advantage of this one.. It won't be long before winter is here.


Say what you will about me, my positions, and/or my views. While it is true that my blog is set to "private" (by intive only), it is more than a bit disingenuous to infer that it is "closed". If you, or anyone, has any desire whatsoever to check it out, it wouldn't take anything more than merely dropping me an email. To infer that I am not a proponent of Free Speech merely because I don't provide people with a readily open forum to have their say is quite absurd not to mention extremely inaccurate. It is hardly different than Comment Moderation.You're partly right with respect to my discontent. However, I am hopeful which is why, as Kris mentioned, I decided to Actively get involved at the local level. I take great joy in that. I sleep quite well knowing that I gained a significant amount of press coverage for my State Representative hopeful in any given week, doing literature drops on his behalf, spending three hours phone banking, etc.We do this towards the pursuit of our own end.Angry? Hardly. Just more than a bit put off and disinterested by party loyalists who've forgotten that the party serves as a conduit to a message; a cause. I have no time or interest for someone that tells me I need to "suck it up" and essentially tow the party line. And, it pains me to see these same party loyalists within our ranks think it perfectly acceptible to chastise Democrats for redistributing wealth, raising taxes, spending like mad, and engaging in immoral behavior at the same excusing the same conduct within their own party. These sorts of Republican politicians and their supporters have done great damage to the brand. They make it increasingly difficult for those of us who find fault with them, to commandeer our own course under the party's banner.


Hi Soapbox,So you're supporting a Republican who is runinng for Congress. That's cool, yet what I'm having trouble understanding is why you are having so much trouble voting Republican in relation to the Presidency. If it is for the sake of making a Conservative Statement, well, the way I see it, the Conservatives have been making a statement and it has been loud enough to effect McCain's decision of who to pick of VP Running Mate. The Statement has already been made and received, so what continues to be the problem?The chastising comment was directed at those who might encourage me not to interact with you. It was not directed at you.There isn't any way to change who McCain is. All we can do is try and influence at least some of his decisions and Sarah Palin is going to be a continuous thorn in his side in relation to Conservative Values. Praise God!!As long as the Republican Party as a whole realizes that the Conservative wing of their party exists and should not be ignored, this satisfies me. Making a statement by voting for a Third Party Candidate can not accomplish any more than this either.Haha! Did I convert you to lemonade, Soap? :) I thought you preferred beer. On the other hand, if you drank just a little more lemonade for political reasons, that might have a slight effect on the economy, at least in relation to lemons. Poor example, I know, yet you get my drift.


Soapbox,Well, Sarah Palin is very Conservative and will be a thorne in McCain's side. The very fact that he peckid her is evidence that he is very aware that the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party does indeed exist. That is the only thing that we could possibly communicate by voting for some Third Party or Write-in Candidate. It is a message that has already been delivered as evidenced by McCain's pick for VP.I guess you must know that a Third Party or Write-in Candidate can't win. The only reason for voting that way would be to make a statement and the statement has already been made.Sarah Palin is not one to keep quiet. She will indeed make noise and even if she doesn't influence McCain as much as we would like, her presence in Washington is bound to rub off on someone. The president's power is limited by the Congress you know.It doesn't matter what you say about McCain, Obama is worse and needs to be stopped. He could totally ruin our economy with his tax plan that is far worse than McCain's.Well, I'm not going to be "holding my nose" any more. I feel at peace about voting for the present Republican ticket. My nose is just fine.


@ Chuck ... well whatever it is i only wish that the MSM would be more fair about how they reprot on the politicians in each party. i get so sick and tired of the MSM media telling me how all the people in my party are just dumb, stupid, or lazy. Dan Quayle never acted this dumb in his entire political career and yet Joe Biden makes him look like Eienstein.


Whether or not she "cleaned his clock" (whatever that means) doesn't detract from the fact that she's a fraud and her peoarrmfnce tonight does nothing to disprove that.Politics is slick business, and the slicker the candidate the better the business.Ask yourself why she is on the ticket.


It's simple, Billy. Democrats like to dish out the trash talk about Bush's vaberl miscues, but they can't take it when their own candidate makes vaberl miscues. What goes around, comes around.


it is interesting that they would be so aouinxs to point out that Sen. Obama actually might agree with something that Sen. McCain says OH NOOO. If you listen to Sen. McCain, he could not hold his own in a debate with a mediocre High School Debate Team. The good ole' boys are done. Why didn't Sen. Obama ask Sen. McCain why his home state (Arizona) is dead last in Education, Health/Human Services, Immigration Reform, and teacher pay yet top of it's class in HS Drop-out rates, Teenage Pregnancy, Prisoners per capita, and second to last median income? Why didn't Sen. Obama ask about the Keeting 5 (of which Sen. McCain was a major 5th). I am from Arizona and Sen. McCain is a major as*hole as are his buddies Shadegg, Kyl (the good ole' boys).

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