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Eric Cantor is a smug career politician who is an embarrassment to the 7'th district and American democracy. If he wins reelection it will be nothing more than a testament to our broken and corrupt election process.

Ellen Goldstein

Its your editorial opinion that 'it will take quite a bit to make the race truly competitive?' I think we could live without that.

Jim Quist

Cantor has taken his home turf for granted for too long. His leadership of the "do-nothing" Congress is embarrassing to Virginians who aren't as concerned with party as they are with what's right. Cantor is part of what's wrong. Looking forward to the debate with Mr. Powell where everyone can judge for themselves Cantor's "accomplishments".

K Carle

It is true that Cantor never debates his opponents, but Cantor did NOT quickly agree to debate Wayne Powell. The only reason he has agreed to debate Col. Powell now is to make it LOOK like he is willing to debate. He is willing this time is because the debate will NOT be open to the public. It will only be open to memmbers of the Chamber of Commerce, many of whom are his supporters & contributers.

This debate is reminiscent of his taxpayer-paid faux job fair where most of the emplyers were his supporters. That would be fine, except that very FEW of the companies actually had any job openings. Even fewer of the jobs were in central Virginia. The local media showed Cantor making a speech. What they failed to show was the people exiting who had stood in the heat for hours in dress clothes with resume in hand. Many were angry & a few in tears.

The difference here will be that Cantor will be actually facing his opponent. Even under this tightly- controlled format, Cantor hasn't counted on meeting such a formidable foe, but he hasn't met Wayne Powell yet.


Ryan-"There could be some fireworks."

Mudcat-"There will be some fireworks."

Good piece.


Wait... Powell wants voters to think he's going to oppose his own party and its leadership? That's not going to happen.

How many people here know about Obama's Transpacific Partnership Trade Agreement, referred to as "NAFTA on Steroids"?

Or about Obama's "jobs czar" Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE, who is a nut on China?

Or how the Democrats are hypocrites on Outsourcing?

joe cotton

Surprise! Watch Cantor lose.


Fiscal Conservatives see Cantor adding over a $Trillion a year to the Federal Deficit to pay for tax breaks to wealthy folk.

Then there are the allegations of misfeasance in office over his handling of the Stock Act and exempting his wife, Diana.

There's also billionaire Sheldon Adelson, buying favors from Eric with multi-million dollar campaign contributions that are reaping Adelson billion$.

Then there's Mr. Cantors continued attack on American labor, their rights, their benefits in favor of corporate profits and CEO salaries. How far will Cantor go to keep an honest working man down?

Social Security's deconstruction looms with GOP promising insurance companies a cut of my social security savings with their voucher ideas. Taking even more from the poor and aged to feed corporate profits.

Virginian's have some notoriety as free-thinkers...this is one your moments.

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