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Speaking of "not quite true"....Warren Fiske, editor of Politifact Virginia, has voted in Democratic primaries in all but one of the last 6 major election cycles. Virginia does not have party registration, allowing voters to select the ballot of their choice during the March primary. Fiske opted for a Republican primary ballot in 2005 when then-Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine ran unopposed for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.
Fiske’s votes would have violated the ethics policies of the Roanoke Times.
“Staffers should … avoid active involvement in partisan political causes—including participation in primaries or meetings to choose political candidates—community affairs, social actions or demonstrations that could compromise or seem to compromise our ability to report, edit or photograph fairly,” the paper’s employee conduct guidelines state.
Former Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie held himself to similar standards when he first took control of the newsroom.
“I decided not to vote beginning in 1984 when I became managing editor. … I was the gatekeeper for what went into the paper, so it was important to not bring my own opinions [into the newsroom],” he said in a phone interview.


.. doing it the right way?? That doesn't even make sense unless Paw has bmceoe governor of Mass while everyone was looking away. What one governor does for HIS state cannot be compared to what another governor does for HIS state. Each state has its own constituencies and needs .. what's right for one is not right for another. This is just another example of why Paw is not ready for primetime .. another reason is that shooting poison arrows at someone's back when you can't even defend your words to their face is very unbecoming for someone who wants to be President. Just makes you want to see the person get a real good smackdown, whether you care for Romney or not. Paw should go back under his rock.


Obama promises Welfare for all,the way a Socialist Leader gets more Power!!!!


You Rock Nancy! I humbly stand coreectrd. I emphatically agree w/ you on Perry, but have another question. Will a Palin entry make all of the Perry/Romney talk irrelevant? Would it be difficult for any of you on EFM to stand as firmly beside and behind Mitt w/ Sarah in the race? Sorry if that is being too bold.

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